4 Fun Outdoor Activities & Watersports To Try in 2022

As we approach the New Year and with a greater number of reasons to get outside than ever before, many will find themselves planning a resolution that will get them into nature. There are a number of fun outdoor activities and watersports to try and each one comes with its own amazing benefits.

In addition to these activities being great ways to explore and travel, they often benefit physical and mental health too, involving exercise and the immersion in beautiful wild scenes. And, if that wasn’t enough, many are also social, with dedicated groups all over the world seeking to meet like-minded enthusiasts and share in brilliant experiences.

Rock Climbing

Testing your body’s physical strength against nature is incredibly gratifying, especially when, at the end of the trial, you are rewarded with a private vista. It is an activity that will have you prowling your local guidebooks, eager to find new challenges, as well as calling your friends to get them on board too.

While it may seem entirely physical, there is a deceptive amount of problem-solving at play too. Climbers must think logically, as well as practically, to navigate vertical surfaces, overcome obstacles, and summit. Rock climbing will also steel your mental discipline as you find yourself in situations where your body will want to give up but you must persist, a thrill which many climbers celebrate as unrivalled.


For those looking for an activity less physically demanding, and perhaps less vertical, paddleboarding might be the watersport for you.

While there is a certain degree of strength required, especially from the core and upper body, individuals are able to choose bodies of water to suit their abilities. This means that whether you would prefer to start on a placid lake or jump straight into the open sea, you will have an abundance of options.

Once you know how to begin, you will be drawn to explore further. Water can be crossed to discover private beaches and coves, while open lakes can become the perfect venue to practice your yoga upon.

Trail Running

If crossing vast landscapes and navigating various terrains, all while kicking up dust behind you, sounds like a great experience, then trail running might just be for you. This activity is defined by nature, seeking to take runners up rocky inclines, having them descend to valleys, run alongside rivers, and even cross open plains.

The appeal of trail running is obvious and whether you’re looking to get into shape or want to explore the road less travelled, you are assured a brilliant reward for undertaking each new trail you find.

Scuba Diving

Some say that the worlds beneath our planet’s oceans are the only ones truly left unexplored. It’s a concept that intrigues many, especially those who are intrigued by unknown realms or the prospect of new discoveries.

Scuba diving is physical as well as cerebral. Many take on the activity as a complement to their other interests, such as marine life or history. Others simply revel in the peacefulness that the deep blue offers, considering it a respite unlike any other.

Ailbe Kash
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