Covid 19 and getting married


All of us have been affected by the pandemic in some way or the other. And staying at home has got to the best of us. The ongoing uncertain crisscross ride Covid-19 is an experience that we will most certainly remember for our lifetime. But like everything in the world having a positive side Covid-19 has helped many of us find the love of life and what could be better than staying at home and staying with your partner. Getting married during these times require some precautions, and we will talk about them.

Many people resort to the option of civil marriage from a notary like Mona Salehi Notaire keeping their loved ones safe from the virulent virus. Many people have managed to find innovative ways to get married during the pandemic like getting married in parking lots or arranging a ceremony over video conferencing.

When you decide to hold an event during this pandemic; however modest or grand, you should have a risk-based approach while planning the event for everybody’s safety. We all want to show our families and loved ones how much we love them, but at times like these, we must account for the risks involved in organizing any gatherings.

These precautions are to be taken to prevent the transmission of the virus between people. You could cancel an event that is yet to take place and go to the notary for marriage civil this could be one of the best options for you to consider. We have to keep in mind that this could be taken as a step to guarantee the safety of the people we love as implementing precautions can be a challenging task and more difficult to communicate with everyone.

Precautions that you can take to protect yourself and others from getting infected with the virus.

  1. The best and one of the most straightforward precaution is to stay at home. We all have heard “prevention is better than cure” and now is a time good as any to follow.
  2. We are maintaining the required one-meter distance from everyone else.
  3. Wear a mask because one can never guarantee whether they will be able to maintain the distance.
  4. Sanitize as often as possible, especially before eating or touching your face. Carry a sanitizer with you to these events.
  5. While sneezing, make sure that you have a tissue or you sneeze in the bent elbow.
  6. Check the guidelines from local authorities on organizing events.
  7. Ensure that the selected venue is well ventilated or pick an outdoor venue.
  8. Ensure that guests follow precautions remind them before and during the event.
  9. Provide supplies: not everyone will remember to carry a sanitizer with them, make sure you have all the necessary hygiene supplies at the venue.
  10. Put distance markers on the floor and ensure physical distancing of at least 1 meter. Designate seats to each guest so that they can maintain distance while being comfortable.
Ailbe Kash
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