Is The Geiger Comic Series An Invaluable Asset?

Every time you think of an excellent comic series, you will want to think about Geoff Johns. This writer is a household name, boasting several jewels in the comic book industry. The Geiger comic series has proven worth reading, particularly for most comic enthusiasts. Various reasons support this argument. Here are a few insights into why you must include this comic series in your comic series collection.

Unmatched Character Uniqueness

Creating an excellent character in a comic book can be a draining process. Yet, this is not the case with the Geiger comic series. Its unique creation introduces you to a sick protagonist who will strike you, regardless. The ill protagonist in this series is fixated on keeping his family safe and alive in a fallout shelter.

The writer illustrates how this protagonist can survive various issues in the wasteland with neither a helmet nor a hazmat suit: this character maneuvers through sickness, treatment, and family issues without a problem.

At the same time, multiple supporting characters in the comic series help improve your general reading experience. Some of the famous supporting characters include wandering orphans and a nerdy physicist. Notably, these amazing supporting characters will readily steal your heart.

An Incredible Setting

An incredibly laid-out setting ensures that your story is consistent and appealing. Fortunately, the Geiger comic series offers more than that. The story is set in Las Vegas after a nuclear war. The setting builds the story’s plot, focusing on an expanding universe in the long run. This new universe expands to accommodate new and different characters.

In this story, Las Vegas is barren and ruined. Finding food is a hassle. For this reason, various crime factions fight to control the region, including finding perfect ways to survive. Multiple fresh twists ensure that the story is entertaining and worth your time.

This story focuses on outlaws trying to rebuild their lives after a nuclear war wipes out the world. Yet, radioactive chaos in the region keeps affecting them from time to time. Maneuvering and overcoming these issues elicits different mysteries and a sense of suspense in the story. Yet, everything keeps you glued to it all.

A Piece of Art

Numerous illustrations and graphics in your comic book will often help keep you glued to your book. The creators of this comic series understood this element, providing you with incredible images and graphics.

While one writer focused on creating a seamless story, the other concentrated on images that would bring the story to life. This sense of teamwork makes the comic series an incredible addition to your library.

In addition, you will love the expressions used in the comic book. Excellent expressions and attitudes ensure that the characters become relatable. You will also find it easier to connect with these characters once you identify these expressions.

Suppose you want to spend money on a comic book. In that case, Geiger will be an invaluable choice. It is entertaining, educative, and worth your time. For what it is worth, buy it today.

Ailbe Kash
the authorAilbe Kash