Make Your Special Days Extra Special with Designer Cakes

From birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, to other special traditional events and occasions on our calendar, cakes are the essence of celebrations. With various occasions comes different requirements like cake budget, flavour, theme, and size. So to make these special moments cherishable, one needs to decide on their requirements well ahead of time. This allows for enough time to make the necessary arrangements and adjustments. In this post, we share how you can make special moments with your loved ones memorable with a designer cake.

Narrow Down Your Designer Cake Options

If you are planning a surprise party for your loved one, it is important to know their best interests. These interests include hobbies (like video games and cricket), occupation, and favourite colours and shapes. A designer cake is specifically made to cater to your specific requirements no matter how crazy you think they are.

Make a Budget

One thing that is essential whenever planning a special occasion or gathering is the amount of money you are willing to spend towards making this dream come true. If you do not have a planned budget, it becomes difficult to track down your expenses and keep to the preparation schedule, which will leave you in the red and with regrets when the day comes. So plan your budget wisely and stick to it. You can also get an assumption by checking the average cake prices depending on the type of cake you want.

Find the best Bakery

Now that you know the type of cake and how much you expect to spend, you now need to find the best bakery in town; one that will not let you down on the last moment. You can turn to Google and search for the leading bakeries in your area. Suppose you stay in Patna, search for the best local and online cake delivery in Patna. Check if these “acclaimed bakeries” have good customer reviews and also give them a call to ask if they can accommodate your requirements.

Choose the best flavour

The flavour of the cake is important other than it’s enticing appearance. But, this you can take your time to decide as bakeries offer various flavours and customisation options. Some of the most popular cake flavours are pineapple, red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, blackberry, butterscotch, black forest, and fruit, among many others. You can also preorder small cakes and cupcakes to help you find the perfect flavour.

Set the cake’s design

Occasions differ from one festive to another (like Valentines Day and Women’s Day), the recipient (like a kid boy or girl, better half, brother or sister, mother or father). This is why it is important to find a cake design that compliments the event and recipient. You can go with a jungle-themed cake, photo cake, barbie themed cake, cartoon cake, superhero/heroin cake, and tiered cake, among many others.

Mind the number of guests

One of the worst things as an event coordinator is to plan an event for a certain number of people, then end up having a turnover of more or few people. If more people come to the event, you’ll have to stress about the space and most importantly the food (Cake). But, if fewer people come, you will be left with so many leftovers. So the best way to avoid this mix up is to have a guest list and make follow up calls to check if they will make it  to the event. It gives you the reassurance that the cake size will be sufficient for your guests.

Arrange cake delivery

When everything is all set and waiting for the final day, you need to make sure that the cake will arrive at your venue intact and on time. This responsibility is best left to the bakery making your luscious cake. You have to be in touch with the bakery getting updates on the cake progress as well as the location during transit. Bakery stores deal with a lot of cakes on a daily basis and are in a better position to assume the risks involved with transporting fragile cakes. If anything happens to your cake, you are a hundred per cent assured of a quick solution.

Ailbe Kash
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