Should Children Learn Self-Defense?

When raising a child, you face a long list of potential worries and fears. You may worry about whether they are sleeping or eating enough, or if they are reaching their developmental milestones on time. Furthermore, as they age, you have to make sure that they learn and understand positive social skills such as how to share and being kind to other. However, one area of parenting that no mother or father wants to think about, but should discuss with their child, is how to avoid becoming a victim to abuse or violence. Luckily for parents, there are some easy self-defense techniques that they can learn which will help ensure their safety and yours as well.

Protecting Yourself

The first step of basic self-defense is becoming aware of your environment along with any possible near-by dangers. Make sure to pay attention to whatever is happening around you by keeping your heard up and senses alert. Do not fall victim to keeping your eyes glued to your phone. Take note of the people around you and don’t be afraid to make eye contact so that any passing stranger knows that you saw him or her.

Park in populated and well-lit areas when driving at night by car. Additionally, before exiting or entering the vehicle, look around for any people near or in your car. Remember to trust your gut! If something does not feel right, listen to those warning signs. You do not want to place yourself in any risky positions.

Protecting Your Child

When it comes to your children, teach them the same habits as above. If they ever feel unsure about a stranger or a location, even if it is with an adult that they know, they should trust their instincts.

If someone is potentially trying to abduct them, tell your child to shout as loud and clear as they can, “You’re not my parent!” or “You’re not my mom/dad!” repeatedly. It’s an impactful way to gain the attention of any near-by responsible adults.

Educate your children on some simple self-defense techniques. Show them how to make a proper fist with their hands and encourage to punch as hard as they can repeatedly if they’re in danger. Point out areas such as the eyes or nose as effective targets against an attacker. An alternative self-defense move is stomping on an abductor’s foot, specifically using the heel, as it can cause a great deal of pain. Also, throwing something at the person’s face can be an effective distraction when trying to escape

For more information on how to better protect yourself and your children, make sure to look over the accompanying infographic below.

Infographic provided by AGS, a private security firm.
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