Signs That You Need To Clean Your Chimney


Can you imagine how cold it would get in the winters if you did not have a chimney in your house? Chimneys are an important part of every home, but they often go neglected. Just like any other part of your house, your chimney needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Ignoring your chimney can lead to some dangerous consequences, so be sure to keep an eye out for the following signs that show that your chimney is due for cleaning;

  • Your family is getting sick all the time

One of the tell-tale signs that your chimney needs cleaning is if your family is getting sick all the time. If you are constantly battling colds and the flu, it could be because of the build-up of soot and ash in your chimney. The fumes from your chimney can cause respiratory problems and can even be toxic. Being in and out of the hospital is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Therefore, ensure that you clean your chimney regularly to avoid this.

  • There is some foul smell coming from the chimney

If you notice a bad smell coming from your chimney, it is definitely time for a cleaning. The smell could be caused by any number of things, including mold, critters, or even a fire that is burning oddly. Do not wait to address this issue, as it could pose a serious health hazard.

  • Oily spots on the walls

Oily spots on the walls near your fireplace make your home look dirty and unkempt. Not only that, but the oil could also be a fire hazard. If you see any oily spots on your walls, it is time to call in a professional chimney cleaning west Covina cleaner to take care of the problem.

  • Fire is burning oddly

If your fire is burning oddly, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your chimney. The flames might be too high or too low, or they might be an abnormal color. If you see any unusual behavior from your fire, it is best to have your chimney checked out by a professional.

  • There are animals on your chimney

One of the more common signs that your chimney needs cleaning is if you see animals on your chimney. This could be because there is a build-up of debris on your chimney, providing a nesting ground for the animals. If you see any animals on your chimney, be sure to clean it right away to prevent them from getting inside your home.

  • Smoke fills the room

When using your fireplace, the smoke should go up the chimney. If instead, the smoke is filling the room, it is a sign that something is wrong with your chimney. This could be a sign of a blockage or another problem.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it is time for you to call in a professional chimney cleaner. They will be able to clean your chimney and address any problems causing the aforementioned issues. Not only will this improve the air quality in your home, but it will also help to keep you and your family safe.

Ailbe Kash
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