The Right Education – International School or Local School?

If you are choosing a school overseas, you will have to decide between an international school or a local school. One is a fee-paying institute, whereas the other is run by the government. There are many choices for expat parents as some public schools are well-run and offer decent facilities. If you want the best education for your child, it is advisable to choose a school that offers a good curriculum, dependable teachers, and excellent facilities.


There is a difference when it comes to an international school in Bangkok and a government school in the city. You will have to pay fees for an international school, whereas some government schools only require minimal financial payments. In some countries, state run schools are just as good as international schools, but this doesn’t tend to be the case in Thailand.

International schools around the world always have higher fees than public schools, yet some don’t necessarily offer a better quality of education.

Quality of Resources & Facilities

Some of the top international schools in Bangkok have outstanding resources and excellent facilities that cannot be matched by public schools in the city. They hire some of the best teachers from abroad, mixed with local talent. They offer a more rounded curriculum that usually follows other countries such as the US, UK, or Australia. In addition, they generally have state of the art facilities that a public school will never be able to match.

Cultural Differences

Some people say it is better to study in a public school because your kids get the opportunity to learn the language from native speakers and fully integrate themselves in their customs and culture. But most leading international schools have local language classes every day of the week, plus kids get to learn other international languages such as:

  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French

Further Studies

The opportunity for further education increases massively when you attend an international school in most countries. Sending your kids to an international school helps to broaden their knowledge and gives them to chance to choose between a local university or a university abroad.

When choosing a school, most of the time you should go for an international one. They are well funded by private investors and they do not rely on state funds to better the institute. Although you will pay higher fees, you get a lot more from the school. They hire the best teachers; offer a balanced curriculum and they have outstanding amenities.

Ailbe Kash
the authorAilbe Kash