When It Makes Sense to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer


Representing yourself in a child custody case is always an option. However, there are times when your determination is not enough. The following are some situations when you have to consider hiring an experienced child custody lawyer in Toledo before you go to court. 

The Other Party Has Legal Representation

If you know that your ex-spouse is working with a child custody attorney, you may want to consider getting one yourself. If you are worried about legal fees, find free legal aid in your area. There are many complexities in child custody cases and you may not be able to make your wishes honored or make a favorable agreement with the other party if you don’t have an attorney on your side. 

You Have a Complicated Case

Your case may have started simple but becomes increasingly complicated as you go along. For instance, your ex may have changed their mind about sharing custody or you believed that they will try to convince the court that you are not fit to have the children overnight. Such complications should tell you not to handle your case on your own.

Your Case Has Special Circumstances

Often, family law litigation can become a complex legal battle. This is especially possible when there are children involved and each child has different circumstances. For instance, you may have a disabled child who requires special care or lifetime care beyond the age of 18. This child may be suffering from emotional problems that require diagnosis, treatment, or counseling. Or may maybe your child is at least 12 and would like to speak to the judge to discuss their preferences. No matter your special circumstances, hiring a child custody lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make. 

You and Your Ex Don’t Live in the Same States

If you and your ex-spouse live in different states or countries, you must get an attorney to represent you. You must do all you can to learn more about the child custody laws that affect your case, particularly when it is international. 

You Are Worried About your Children’s Safety

Losing your child custody case is something you may not want to happen especially if you think your children’s safety is on the line. Also, in this kind of situation, you must consider getting a restraining order. Your lawyer knows exactly what to do to obtain this order as quickly as possible. Regardless of the situation, if your think your child is in immediate danger, call 911. 

Ailbe Kash
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